Pieces of advice for a delightful experience

If you want to go to Trinity Restaurant in New Orleans, you should consider the following tips so that you will have a delightful experience.


If you want to set up an organized party at Trinity, make sure that you book the desired number of tables at least two weeks before the event. Moreover: if the party is going to take place during the weekend, you should call for a reservation as soon as possible. Due to the restaurant’s specific atmosphere, children’s parties cannot be held, as this kind of party would disturb other customers.

Happy Hour Special

During summertime, the bar offers a glass of cava whenever a customer buys any oyster-based dish all day long. If you want to try a unique drink, go for the handcrafted ‘drink of the day’ at a cost of $7.

Depending on the season, Trinity Restaurant offers a wide variety of low priced wines to accompany tasteful dishes served inside the restaurant. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM you can go to the front bar and buy a bottle of domestic beer for only $4 and a bottle of house wine (red, white, sparkling or rosé) for only $6. That’s amazing pricing for drinks at such an expensive restaurant in New Orleans.


Because of the fact that Trinity Restaurant is a gourmand-type restaurant, waiters always expect to receive tips from the customers. It’s common sense to offer a tip of at least ten percent of your check. If you are at a reunion, the tip should represent at least 15% of the total check. Additionally, if you are at the Saturday Brunch Drag, the drag queens ask all the customers for tips while dancing inside the restaurant.

Post written by Willie Pearson, a New Orleans native. He can also be found writing for CreditGlory, where he flexes his financial wit!