Here’s What’s to Love About Trinity


One of the most important factors that contribute to deciding whether to choose one restaurant or another is service quality. At Trinity Restaurant, waiters are always prompt and kind. Misunderstanding of the order rarely occurs here as the personnel is attentive and is always double-checking the orders before sending them to the chefs. Children are treated just like adults so that they do not feel like infants. Waiters ask them personally what they want to eat and avoid letting the parents take the step forward and talk in the name of their kids. Moreover, they are encouraged to participate in the conversation, being addressed directly instead of always asking the adult what the kid would like. Children are treated as they want to be treated, contrary to the general belief that it is fine for a waiter to talk with children without taking into consideration his or her age. According to the reviews found on the Internet, the staff that works at Trinity Restaurant is respectful and intently listening, having the desire to fulfill even the most rigorous requirement of the customer.


When it comes to rating a restaurant where you have eaten in the past, the most important factor is related to its quality compared to its price. A restaurant that charges high rates but offers low services will never be on the list of my favorite places. That being said, let’s compare the price of the dishes at Trinity Restaurant against the quality of the food. A portion of Pomme Frites costs $7 and weighs about 8 ounces. Considering the quality and the divine taste of the fries, the value of the dish is very good. Even when going to an average fast-food, a portion of fries costs less than $2, they are definitely not the same quality as those at Trinity. Another great yet expensive dish that can be ordered at Trinity Restaurant in New Orleans is called Half-Chicken Three Ways and it costs $28. Even if this dish is very tasty and flavorful, the cost of almost $30 is not the best value. On the other hand, the drinks are really cheap at Trinity. For example, if you are at a reunion and you want to share a mimosa drink with everyone at the table, you can buy bottomless mimosas for $14, providing free refills during your stay at the Trinity Restaurant.

Saturday Drag Brunch

The Trinity Restaurant is a promoter of the ‘brunch’ culture. For those not used to the concept, the brunch is the meal served between breakfast and lunch, at about 11-12 AM. Because of the comfortable interior design and the relaxed atmosphere inside, people often stop here and serve brunch. The Trinity Restaurant is open for brunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, serving a lot of unique dishes, such as Noir & Fried Oysters, Wagyu Burger with Fries, and plates of shrimps. Another factor that influences people to choose Trinity for brunch is that every Saturday, between 11:00 AM and 03:30 PM, the restaurant hosts a drag brunch. A group of performers provides a unique performance, delighting all the customers inside. Because of the popularity of this Saturday brunch, to make sure that you manage to find a table, you have to call in advance and make a reservation. Otherwise, it is very likely not to find any spare tables and end up searching for another restaurant near the French Quarter. However, sometimes the restaurant is filled up with people watching the show. As a consequence, some of the people that are sitting at the tables in front of the bar will not be able to see the entire show. The atmosphere is entertained by the drag queens, the specific dance group of Trinity Restaurant.

Welcome to Trinity!

Location and a Short History

Situated on Decatur Street, Trinity Restaurant served its first meal in May 2016, after renovating the space bought from the owner of the restaurant that was previously placed on 117 Decatur St, called Maximo’s. Being categorized as a gourmet restaurant, Trinity Restaurant has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2018. It is close to the French Quarter, to be more specific 300 feet away from Quarter’s center. According to the reviews that can be found on the Internet, it has top-rated services, starting from qualitative food to extra fast and kind waiters. Unfortunately, the Trinity Restaurant closed its doors for an indefinite period of time on 22nd April 2019. Restaurant’s owner, Mr. Hugh Uhalt, declared that he has plans for a new concept to be opened in the same place as old Trinity, later that year. However, due to unknown reasons, the new restaurant never opened. Instead, a new Italian restaurant has joined the French Quarter dining scene, called La Mensa.

Interior Design

Even though it is placed steps away from the French Quarter’s center, the huge amount of noise on the street fades slowly when stepping inside Trinity Restaurant. The restaurant’s walls are painted in a monochromatic style. The white color dominating the interior emphasizes the black sleek lines on the walls. It comprises an open-space kitchen; customers can always see the entire process that takes place before their food arrives on the table. Having a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, it is the perfect place for taking dinner when you have just had a stressful day at the office. Many businessmen working near the French Quarter serve their dinner at Trinity Restaurant, enjoying a well-cooked food with a lot of tasty flavors and condiments. The music is played in a jazz manner, giving a very cozy feeling. The appearance of the interior is just perfect for a romantic dinner with your significant other or a relaxed brunch in the middle of a day full of appointments at the office. The interior tends to be a sleek and modern one with elegant accents.

Food and drinks

There are a ton of positive reviews on the Internet telling everyone how good the food is at Trinity. The most popular dish is the boiled oyster accompanied by cheese plates. Its cuisine is inspired by the Southern Cuisine and the owner guarantees that all the ingredients are fresh and local so that the chefs create the flavorful and good looking dishes that everyone keeps talking about. The menu contains a wide variety of dishes, ranging from scallops and duck to oysters and crabs. Alongside the tasteful meal, the restaurant offers an extended wine list as well as cocktails and refreshing drinks. Among the dishes that are very tasty at the Trinity Restaurant, it is worth mentioning the fires (called Pomme Frites) with butter aioli. The fries are perfectly cooked with just a pinch of salt and some condiments that bring the Southern flavor back alive. The best dessert available at the Trinity Restaurant is by far the dark chocolate truffle cake with blood oranges. Generally being accompanied by a chocolate shell in the shape of a dome, it balances the chocolate taste with the blood orange flavor. The Trinity Restaurant serves American traditional cuisine (especially old southern comfort dishes) and Creole cuisine. It is commonly visited for breakfast and brunch.

Pieces of advice for a delightful experience

If you want to go to Trinity Restaurant in New Orleans, you should consider the following tips so that you will have a delightful experience.


If you want to set up an organized party at Trinity, make sure that you book the desired number of tables at least two weeks before the event. Moreover: if the party is going to take place during the weekend, you should call for a reservation as soon as possible. Due to the restaurant’s specific atmosphere, children’s parties cannot be held, as this kind of party would disturb other customers.

Happy Hour Special

During summertime, the bar offers a glass of cava whenever a customer buys any oyster-based dish all day long. If you want to try a unique drink, go for the handcrafted ‘drink of the day’ at a cost of $7.

Depending on the season, Trinity Restaurant offers a wide variety of low priced wines to accompany tasteful dishes served inside the restaurant. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM you can go to the front bar and buy a bottle of domestic beer for only $4 and a bottle of house wine (red, white, sparkling or rosé) for only $6. That’s amazing pricing for drinks at such an expensive restaurant in New Orleans.


Because of the fact that Trinity Restaurant is a gourmand-type restaurant, waiters always expect to receive tips from the customers. It’s common sense to offer a tip of at least ten percent of your check. If you are at a reunion, the tip should represent at least 15% of the total check. Additionally, if you are at the Saturday Brunch Drag, the drag queens ask all the customers for tips while dancing inside the restaurant.

Post written by Willie Pearson, a New Orleans native. He can also be found writing for CreditGlory, where he flexes his financial wit!